Cash Buyer – The Good and Bad for Equipment Financing

Cash Buyer – The Good and Bad for Equipment Financing

“I pay for everything in cash, I never finance anything” or “I’ve never had to take out a loan, I don’t believe in it”. Every so often, I encounter this type of feedback from a business owner. More »

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How To Choose Right Payday Loans Lender Online?

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How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Quickly

How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Quickly

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Why can’t I sell my house?

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Cash Buyer – The Good and Bad for Equipment Financing

680yy.info6“I pay for everything in cash, I never finance anything” or “I’ve never had to take out a loan, I don’t believe in it”. Every so often, I encounter this type of feedback from a business owner. The attitude usually goes along with a strong, hands-on work ethic for an owner which has built their business from the ground up. They have worked long hours, suffered through the ups and downs and sacrificed family time and vacations to make their business survive. Their belief is, if they cannot pay for something with cash then they do not need it.

I respect the energy and devotion but I also take note that the strategy seems to apply to small, family owned businesses with a small number of employees which have remained flat in their growth and have stopped expanding years ago. Expansion and reaching new markets are not typically part of their business plan and they are happy with a fixed income often servicing the same clientele they have for years.

The downside of never financing anything is the limited amount of expansion which can occur. In essence, they cannot grow beyond what is in their bank account at any moment in time. For example, a small business with $100,000 of capital desires to purchase a new $40,000 machine which will speed up production or bring them into a new market or simply replace an old machine; if they decide to pay cash that will leave them with $60,000 in cash reserves. If they encounter an emergency which requires $30,000 then that will leave them with little cash cushion in their account. They have also limited themselves in the case if another opportunity should surface at the same time they would not be able to take advantage of it like paying early for inventory to get a good discount.

The other negative of never borrowing is that your business will not have any established comparable credit so in the case when you do decide to finance anything, the likelihood of getting approved is marginal. A lender will not be able to assess your ability to pay back debt since you have never had any. Some business owners feel it should be viewed positively that you have never had to borrow but in the finance world it is not a positive. No credit history equals no loan.

The mantra in financing is ‘it is easier to finance equipment than it is money’ which is primarily true. Yes, you can get low cost capital from your bank if you have an established credit line but that line will have a limit. It is not a good move to use your credit line to finance an asset or equipment because that line should be used as either a last emergency resort or for short term borrowing. Finance rates are now in the 4-6% which can be stretched out to 5 years and sometimes longer. Many times, when expanding in a careful and planned manner, the finance payment will be less than the added revenue of your new equipment. This is true of energy and cost efficient industrial machines, solar systems and LED lighting.

Financing equipment for your business offers you the opportunity to expand, create more profit and reach new markets and clients. For those that want to know the benefits of never financing anything it is this; you will never owe anybody anything, no monthly payments, no interest and no chance of borrowing more than you can pay back but in that perceived safety there is also some risk and missed opportunity.

Money for Nothing

680yy.info7There was a time, not too many years ago, when relationship articles were the hot topic. They still are, but they’re not the hottest topic anymore. In its place is now money and security.

One of my publishers, whose opinions I greatly respect, was talking to me about the kinds of articles that most people are reading these days and we thought that with people so concerned about wanting to meet and marry their soul mate, that they were the articles most people gravitate toward. We were wrong.

I was looking over the stats of the articles that I’ve written over the last four years (over 900 articles) and what I discovered is that relationships, which used to be the prime focus of people, has been steadily losing ground to articles about money.

People are now more concerned about financial security than meeting their soul mate. There is more of a here today, gone tomorrow, way of looking at their lives. And business articles, which used to be a big drawing card, don’t seem to have the same impact that they used to.

Today’s hot topics center around getting money for nothing. People have always been attracted to articles about getting a lot of money without having to work for it, but lately, it’s been almost a mania, as evidenced by all the people who set up gofundme websites. This concept is now called crowdsourcing. I call it panhandling or standing there with a begging bowl in your hands asking strangers for money.

I had heard a story about a lazy, spoiled, twenty-one-year-old girl, who is in excellent health, setting up a gofundme website asking people to donate money so that she can go to Japan on a two-week vacation. The hands out, begging bowl concept, annoyed me so much that I wrote an article about it. And, wouldn’t you know it, but the number of people who read that one article climbed much higher and much faster than most of my other articles.

People take a look at Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and all they can see is the billions of dollars they have and they want to have what those two men have. They don’t see all the hard work that went into accumulating that wealth, nor do they see the kind of hard work they do to sustain their wealth. They just see a lot of money and they think they are entitled to the same riches.

Sad to say, but we’re living in a lazy, selfish, society these days and we’ve lost our moral compass along the way. We need to get back to the things that are really important before our whole society comes crumbling down around us.

Ways To Budget Your Money Carefully

680yy.info8There are literally hundreds of article and books devoted on budgeting money carefully. I will write on two methods that help me budget money carefully in hopes that others may be able to use this knowledge to help them in their future endeavors.

Method #1: If You Use A Credit Card, Always Check Your Statement Online At Least Once A Week

Most Americans probably own and use a credit card whenever they make purchases, either because it’s convenient and/or because they can get reward points for it. Most Americans are probably aware of the countless stories and articles about credit card debt. However, most credit card debt could be avoided if one pays attention every week to their credit card statements every week.

Whenever I look at my credit card statement every week, I can see how much my balance is as well as what I am spending my money on. When you take a look at what you are spending money on, you can see what expenses you are acquiring that are not always necessary such as eating out or buying things you might not need. It is always important to keep track of your purchases so you can understand where your money is going and if you are making purchases that you can try and trim down a little. The main takeaway from this method is always be aware of how much you are spending.

Method #2: Always Be Aware Of How Much Money Is In Your Bank Account

Most banks will allow you to see your statement online. This is very useful as it allows you to access how much money you have in your account at all times. You should always be aware of how much money you have so that you know how much you can spend. Financial problems often occur when people spend money and are not aware of how much they are spending and how much money they actually have to spend. The main takeaway from this method is always be aware of how much you have available to spend.

Debt Consolidation Firms And Its Advantages


In today’s reality, the monetary circumstance is not changeless. Indeed, even after the slight abetment of retreat, there are different variables that would dependably keep you on toes. With the changing business sector economy and useless way of life, one will feel the weight to make the both finishes meet. No big surprise, individuals regularly turn to individual credits and occasional obligations to oversee consumption. Indeed, even you are fortunate and remaining on a stable money related ground, you might require advances to purchase some land for your office space or beginning another business. The circumstance is harder for the individuals who live on Visas and essentially dependent on shopping. The installment of month to month credit bills may be well over the gaining. Furthermore, trust it or not, everyone may fall in this disaster.

Knowing the key characteristics related to auto insurance

Auto insurance is regarded to be an important financial instrument which helps the vehicle owners to be secured against all possible damages which are caused by natural and manmade calamities. This type of insurance is very much mandatory for all existing and new vehicles that play on Indian roads. Auto insurance provides owners with basic coverage, in case, the car gets stolen or suffers any kind of damage or accident personal accident or third party liability coverage for the driver.

Policy coverage

These days, one can get hold different types of motor insurance policies from different insurance companies to choose the one that best fits their specific requirements and budget. The basic coverage which is offered by most of the insurance companies are fire, earthquake, explosions, hurricane, floods, landslide, hailstorm, etc. It also provides shield against burglary, theft, and accident during transit and others. Getting to know the policy in details can help the person to understand the coverage better and to make the right selection.

The policy also tends to safeguard the insured against various types of legal liability which may arise because of damages caused to other’s property, death or permanent injury of any other person, called third party liability.

Personal accidental coverage is also provided to the insured, while co- passengers are offered with optional accident coverage.

The Insured is further offered with cashless garage facility for having the vehicle repaired irrespective of the state or city within the country.

Modified add-on coverage

Deprecation coverage is offered by the vehicle insurance policy during accidents and occurrence of damages, giving value of about 100% to replaced parts. Insured vehicle may avail repairing costs for rubber, fiber glass, batteries, tires, air bags, etc. If the vehicle is lost due to theft, then the insured can avail the car’s invoice price with insurance and registration expenses.

Personal accident coverage is provided to co-passengers as add-on benefits for travelling in the vehicle during the unfortunate incident of an accident. The cash benefits may include medical care and medical costs during accidents. At the same time, no claim bonus has been termed to be a cash benefit provided to the insured for making very less claims during the previous year, in the form of an appreciation. This can be availed although the insured may change his existing vehicle for another one.

What is left out by the policy?

Regular wear & tear of the vehicle has not been covered in this policy. The insurance policy is also known to come with several exclusions such as general auto insurance policy, which does not offer protection against mechanical and electrical breakdown. If the vehicle is used for other purposes, other than personal use, then the insurance policy would stand invalid when making claims.

Again, if insured vehicle has suffered damage because of rash driving, negligent driving or due to influence of intoxicating drugs or alcohol, then such damages are non- payable by the insurance provider. Therefore, the owner needs to be very careful when going through the policy terms and conditions, before signing up for the purchase of the auto insurance policy.

Scotland opening Opportunities For Islamic Finance

Scotland is emerging itself as a potential hub for Islamic finance following a major conference held by leading Scottish law firm Todd Murrays and the Islamic Finance Council UK. The conference discussed the possibility of attracting investments from the Middle East for infrastructure and renewable energy projects and outlined the opportunities for ethical investors, to tap into the lucrative industry that is estimated to be worth over $ 2.3 billion. The Islamic Finance Council UK (IFC), based in Scotland, estimates that an investment of 120m and 200m could be invested in Scotland for infrastructure products following a successful Islamic Sukuk bond.
Head of Banking & Finance at Tods Murray LLP and Executive Board Member of the Islamic Finance Council UK (IFC), Graham Burnside said, The UK has the potential for provision of faith based financial products that adhere to the financial principles of Shariah compliant financing. Scotland is now firmly at the centre of this niche market which is growing at an estimated rate of 15-20 percent per annum.
Demand for Ethical Products
In 2005, Tods Murray LLP, produced the first Scottish Islamic mortgage, allowing Islamic scots to purchase homes through United National Bank, under agreements in accordance with their faith. Last year, the Islamic Bank of Britain introduced their Scottish Islamic mortgage or Home Purchase Plan (HPP) which prohibits the receipt of Riba (interest) by both the buyer and lender, as it is against the principles of Sharia Law. Recent polls have shown that more than half of Scots want to see some of their money invested using green or ethical criteria higher than the UK average. Imran Pasha, Head of Sales and Service at Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB) said At an industry level, Scotland already has strong Islamic finance credentials based on the long standing work carried out by the IFC and Tods Murray. This, combined with a growing appetite amongst businesses and consumers for ethical finance, puts Scotland in a good position to develop itself as an Islamic finance hub.
History of Ethical Practice
The creator of the first Scottish Islamic mortgage and IFC board member, Graham Burnside says it is not an exaggeration that Scotland could drive forward the expansion of Islamic banking in its key western stronghold. He says Scotland has sympathy with faith based and ethical finance which stretches all the way back to Rev Henry Duncan and the formation of the first savings bank for the underprivileged in 1810 in Dumfriesshire. If the UK wishes to be seen as a hub for Islamic finance, i see no reason why Scotland cannot take a leading role, he said.
If you go back 150 or 200 years, many of the banking products developed here had a church inspired origin, so there are more connections historically than meets the eye he said.

Property Accountants London

Charge arranging is something numerous individuals need to consider now, not only the greatly well off. Contracted bookkeepers London will keep up your funds and help you to profit, as opposed to simply spare it.

You need a bookkeeper London who has the most recent innovation, offers the most elevated proficient guidance, and has a consultative group that is close to home and agreeable. They will help you with a budgetary arrangement for individual and family riches constructing and management,taking the push of fund away so you can get on with life and make the most of your cash.

Between government charge changes and new regulationsthere’s fair a lot for the normal individual to monitor. Bookkeepers stay up to speed with every one of the adjustments in the lawful and money related world to guarantee your undertakings are dependably in the best condition. Even better, they’ll know how to make savvy charge ventures to support your riches – especially while rates are so low for savers.

Bookkeepers will finish all the detail work for you, even down to your self-appraisal if that is giving you a cerebral pain. Bookkeepers in London will deal with confounding expense forms and will manage the Inland Revenue/HMRCon your benefit, so you will have nothing to stress over. A special reward of getting the geniuses in is that they will discover approaches to minimize your duty risk.

Property bookkeepers London are gifted at accomplishing proficient expense circumstances for rental pay and property speculation. They can likewise help you manage capital picks up expense. The best firms to pick are those with involvement in UK occupant and non UK domiciled citizens. Theycan prompt on how regulations and law changes influence distinctive circumstances.

As you plan for an agreeable retirement a contracted bookkeeper will give you exhortation on composing or redesigning your will, helping you with domain arranging and probate. They can set up trusts to shield your recipients from an awful sting from legacy charge liabilities, and when the time comes they can go about as trustees or executers to guarantee your family is dealt with.

Ascertain the worth of your precious blinge!

Any item that you ‘sell’ brings money in return and the amount received can be substantial if this item is a precious metal like gold. As the price of the yellow metal has started climbing again, a number of people in Canada are selling their gold jewellery to make a little extra money. However, at times it is natural to have conflicting thoughts in your mind about the sale of certain gold ornaments – should you really sell them or not?

Gold may be alloyed with other metals such as silver, copper, zinc or silicon to produce purities less than 24 carat. Silver and copper and most commonly used alloying elements for gold. Pure gold is too soft to be able to be used for jewellery. The metal chosen as an alloying element my influence properties such as workability and colour of the resultant gold alloy.

The purity of the gold is ‘marked’ onto jewellery by stamping or laser engraving. This acts a quality control stamp. Often this is done after the alloy is tested by a qualified testing laboratory or facility. Depending on which country the gold is produced, the caratage or fineness may be stamped into the item of jewellery. Remember, when the items are checked for weight, they have to be segregated by purity. For instance an 18K ornament cannot be weighed together with a 9K gold piece. The price per gram weight of 18K gold will be higher than that for 9K gold.
While the karat markings are reliable for most of the gold items bought and sold in Canada, there are some standard tests to determine the purity levels. These are also used for things like old gold coins, nuggets, wires and dental gold that do not have karat stamps.

A reputed cash for gold company provides convenient ways to ascertain the value of your precious blinge. You can sell them online from home by ordering an insured shipping kit or by visiting a sales event organized by the company. An enjoyable alternative that is now becoming popular in Montreal and some other Canadian cities is that of organizing a ‘gold party’ at your home – the representatives of the gold buying company come to your place to buy the items directly and you can invite all your friends who too may want to make some money out of unusable gold items. The best part is that these companies provide a professional and expert guidance for all the process and make it a complete breeze. Get to know the scrap gold prices to make a right decision.